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Empower Your AI and Machine Learning Models with CCData's Market-Leading Digital Asset Data

Terabytes of data Optimised for AI Model Requirements

integration OPTIMISED

CCData has optimised its datasets into AI-friendly formats, designed to seamlessly integrate with your models and platforms. We offer data in various formats, such as JSON, CSV, delivered via API endpoints.

CCData's endpoints are also standardised to OpenAPI specifications, allowing for streamlined integration and code generation.

UnrivaLLED Quality

The best AI models require the highest quality data. Our data is meticulously sourced and backed by thousands of research hours to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

By integrating your models with our solutions, you will have access to extensive training data to produce the most superior output.

comprehensive Coverage

Our digital asset market data covers 300+ exchanges, thousands of digital spot trading pairs and derivative instruments.

Coupled with alternative data sets, such as categorised news content and historical social media data - our data equips your AI with a broad variety of data points to draw from.

Key Features

CCData's solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of large AI model training, offering a wide array of benefits to ensure the best possible performance.

Historical and Real-time Market Data
  • Price data from various exchanges, including historical and real-time information with complete history for all available pairs.
  • Trading volumes, market capitalisation, liquidity, and other market indicators can provide insights into market sentiment.
  • Utilised for AI models focused on price prediction, risk assessment, and trading strategies.
Derivatives Data
  • Pre-standardised digital asset derivatives, futures and options data, supporting every tick trade, open interest & funding rate update.
  • Information on futures, options, and other derivatives can help AI models analyse market sentiment, manage risk, and develop strategies for market participants.
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  • AI models can use this data to perform sentiment analysis and gauge market sentiment for various cryptocurrencies, which can help identify market trends and inform investment decisions.
On-chain data
  • CCData provides numerous on-chain endpoints, includng transaction volumes, active addresses, and network utilization, to provide insight into the health of different blockchain networks.
  • Indexed blockchain data is provided in standardised format, allowing AI models to seamlessly analyse on-chain metrics.
API Uptime

Key Features

  • We constantly update our datasets to reflect the latest market changes and trends, ensuring your AI models remain informed and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Historical OHLCV, open interest, funding rate, and underlying index data are available at the maximum granularity provided by each exchange.
Instruments & Data Streams
  • CCData provides historical and real-time news and sentiment data across thousands of sources to use alongside our institutional-grade market data for event driven analysis.
  • Additional metrics are also available, including rolling OHLCV, price flag indicators, instrument start date, and time of last trade.
  • CCData's enhanced interoperability allows for easy integration with other software systems within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
  • Our API optimised endpoints allow for easier integration with tools, libraries, and services that support OpenAPI.
Standardised Fields & Data Format
  • CCData's data is provided in AI-optimised formats, designed to seamlessly integrate with your models and platforms.
  • We offer data in various formats, including JSON, CSV, and API endpoints, making it easy for you to feed the data directly into your AI models without extensive preprocessing.

Data Delivery Channels

Rest API

All instruments and underlying data streams are deliverable via the REST API.

Custom delivery

Bespoke custom requests, including AWS S3, Azure Blobs, Google and BigQuery.

Use Cases

Price Prediction Models

CCData's extensive historical pricing coverage across spot and derivatives markets dates back to 2012. This enables a user sufficient runway to train and test proprietary pricing prediction models for the digital asset space.

Our order volume and open interest metrics also give an indication of liquidity to help determine the most prolific assets to focus on.

Sentiment Analysis

By leveraging CCData's social media stats and aggregated news article endpoints, AI models can be trained and tested to perform sentiment analysis.

Coupled with our historical pricing data, one can identify correlations between general market sentiment and legitimate price variations.

Options strategy Recommendations

AI/ML models can analyse CCData's Options Data to recommend suitable strategies based on objectives, risk tolerance, and market conditions.

This can assist traders by suggesting options strategies for hedging, income generation, or speculation, allowing for informed decision making and the optimisation of trading outcomes.

Risk Management

CCData's historical trade, news and socials data can enrich AI models measuring relative risk values that are assigned to particular market movements and events.

By extension, this can be used to define mitigation plans encompassing portfolio optimisation and hedging strategies.

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