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Offering a trusted and BMR-compliant index suite, backed by CCData's research-driven methodologies.

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Proven Track-Record

Since 2017, our industry-standard setting indices have been relied on by diverse range of globally recognised clients, offering comprehensive market valuation benchmarks that power leading digital asset financial products.

FCA Authorised Since 2021

CCData's FCA authorisation underpins our highly reliable and accurate benchmarks which are based upon market-leading research and methodologies.

Trusted Reference Pricing

The building blocks of CCData's indices, our CCIX (formerly CCCAGG) reference pricing is renowned industry-wide and provides the best price estimation for indices with our aggregated methodology.

Industry Pioneering

Our pioneering standards have brought rigour and accuracy to  the digital asset industry.

Most recently, we launched the industry's first digital asset staking yield indices, providing more informed and sophisticated investment strategies in a regulated and secure environment.

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CCData Blended Price Indices are designed to address client demand for investable reference price indices that capture and seamlessly blend trade prices and volumes across USD and the most liquid stablecoin markets like USDT, BUSD and USDC.

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CCData Blockdaemon staking yield indices

A new standard for digital asset investment products. These industry first, regulated staking yield indices, allow for institutional and individual investors to gain exposure to digital asset staking yield off-chain in a regulated and secure environment.

This index family was co-developed with our on-chain data partner, Blockdaemon.

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Featured Index Partnerships

Marketvector Digital Asset index series

CCData, in partnership with MarketVector Indexes GmbH, pioneered the first digital asset indices to meet industry benchmarking standards that are expected from a regulated, unaffiliated, major benchmark provider.

These indices are designed to accurately track the performance of the otherwise fragmented global digital asset market.

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FT wilshire Digital Asset index series

Built in partnership with the Financial Times and Wilshire, The FT Wilshire Digital Asset Index Series is designed to meet the precise needs of both traditional and institutional investors.

This new pedigree of digital asset indexes leverages Wilshire's institutional index management expertise which is underpinned by CCData’s market-leading and compliant market data.

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Singapore exchange iEDge bitcoin and ethereum indices

Singapore Exchange (SGX) partnered with CCData in 2021 to offer first-of-its-kind institutional-grade digital asset indices in Asia Pacific, specifically tailored for market participants and financial products in the region. The collaborative effort launched under the SGX iEdge brand, include the iEdge Bitcoin Index and iEdge Ethereum Index.

The Indices follow a robust methodology to provide the best possible price estimation of the underlying digital asset and use volume-weighted average price (VWAP) aggregated from the highest ranked digital asset exchanges, as per CCData’s Exchange Benchmark Report.

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Custom & White Label Indices

CCData offers a suite of highly customisable digital asset indices that provide comprehensive market valuation benchmarks for financial investment products.

Fully customisable

Access custom real-time data and sophisticated analytics to make informed investment decisions with confidence.

leading technology

Utilise our industry-leading technology, data, and expertise while maintaining complete control over your own branded indices.

efficient solutions

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art index calculation methodology for ensured accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in calculating complex digital asset indices.


CCData received authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2021 and is regulated as a Benchmark Administrator.

The FCA authorisation licenses CCData to issue benchmarks for financial instruments, financial contracts and the measurement of fund performance. This allows service providers to create regulated financial products that are underpinned by CCData’s suite of leading digital asset indices

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