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Exchange Benchmark

CCData's Exchange Benchmark is the industry standard for ranking the risk associated with the digital asset exchange sector. The report is backed by thousand of research hours and utilises over 200 qualitative and quantitative metrics.

  • November 1, 2023

Digital Asset Management Review

CCData’s Digital Asset Management Review provides an overview of the global digital asset investment product landscape. Our review focuses on key developments across various product types and tracks the adoption of these products by analysing assets under management, trading volumes, price performance and more.

  • October 26, 2023
  • DAMR
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Exchange Benchmark

The Exchange Benchmark is CCData’s flagship research report, established in 2019 to bring clarity and accountability to a complex and rapidly evolving market. Since launching, it has become the industry standard for evaluating exchanges.

Backed by thousands of research hours, CCData's Exchange Benchmark covers 150+ exchanges, encompassing more than 80 qualitative and quantitative metrics to assess the risk associated with both centralised and decentralised digital asset exchanges.

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custom data-driven research designed to advance your digital asset strategy

Leverage the expertise of CCData's award winning research team with our bespoke research solutions. From competitor analysis, to due diligence based reporting, market research and more, CCData can conduct highly accurate, impartial analysis that is powered by CCData's leading data solutions.

We specialise in providing comprehensive digital asset market information tailored to the needs of institutional participants, our research can provide valuable insights that can help businesses make informed strageic descisions and succeed in a competitive market.

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Our White Label Research services deliver comprehensive, in-depth analysis on the latest trends and developments in the digital asset markets.

This research is customisable to meet your brands needs, providing you with a professional and credible resource for your clients and stakeholders.

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Our Bespoke Research is powered by CCData's market-leading, unbiased, and meticulously vetted data.

Explore the depths of the digital asset landscape with confidence and make informed decisions using CCData's expert analysis.

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CCData's award winning research is trusted by a highly institutional audience and is regularly featured in leading traditional and crypto press, from Bloomberg and the Financial Times, to Coindesk and more.

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In this week’s Market Spotlight blog, we reflect on the current state of the market, the largest beneficiaries from Binance’s recent decline in market share, as well as the assets that have been outperforming the wider digital asset market.

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Chart of the Week

In this week’s Chart of the Week, we examine the market's reaction from yesterday when Bloomberg broke the news that the US is seeking more than $4 billion to settle its case against Binance. The exchange has been embroiled in legal challenges with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) since March and June, respectively. Accusations include operating an illegal derivatives exchange and promoting non-compliant actions, such as using VPNs and offshore entities to evade geographical restrictions. Overall, this news initially led to a negative reaction before BNB bounced 15% in a matter of minutes as the market digested the possibility of a resolution to this overhang that has existed since Q1 of this year. More clarity for Binance is bullish for BNB and the market, as evidenced by the intraday performance captured by CCData.

The news casts a light at the end of the tunnel for Binance, with the potential for a full resolution in the coming months, despite the heavy charges. If the reports are accurate, it also removes a lot of uncertainty from the market, given that more severe actions against Binance could be detrimental to the industry.

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