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Offering precise, market-aligned crypto reference data and price fixings, skillfully balancing digital volatility with traditional market stability for accurate and representative portfolio valuations.

a new standard in reliable, market-aligned digital asset pricing Methodology

Time-weighted average price

Each DA Fixings is derived using a 10-minute time-weighted average based on CCData's robust CCIX methodology. This precision-focused approach ensures that the resulting prices are highly representative of true market value, significantly resistant to manipulation, and easy to replicate.

Auditable and Replicable

The CCIX methodology leverages public API data, ensuring accurate, transparent calculations align well with DA Fixings.  

This  approach establishes a robust, transparent valuation standard, readily verifiable by all market participants.

Time Penalty Factor

The time penalty feature allows for the gradual reduction in the influence of exchanges that have temporarily halted trading.

This ensures that CCData's DA Fixings stay abreast with real-time market changes and had proven effective in high-stakes scenarios.

Focus on Direct Trading Pairs

CCIX's approach prioritises direct trading pairs, effectively eliminating the complexities and potential inaccuracies brought by currency conversions. This strategy enhances the reliability of DA Fixings as a measure of digital asset values, ensuring precision in financial assessments.

Stringent Outlier Detection

Data quality is paramount in aIl our methodologies. CCData employs a sophisticated outlier detection system, using both real-time calculations and manual oversight. This ensures that DA Fixings are not just robust but resistant to market anomalies and manipulations.

24-Hour Volume-Weighted Average

By utilising a 24-hour volume-weighted average, the CCIX methodology can prioritise data from more liquid markets, thereby mitigating the influence of less stable, illiquid markets. This fine-tuning is invaluable for DA Fixings, where precision and data integrity are foundational to trust.

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Use Cases

Asset Valuation

DA Fixings provides hedge funds and asset managers with a reliable asset valuation tool, incorporating key features from our FCA authorised methodology including a 10-minute time-weighted average and 24-hour volume-weighted average from the CCIX methodology for accurate, market-reflective prices.

Its focus on direct trading pairs, along with stringent outlier detection, guarantees precise and up-to-date valuations, essential for effective risk management and investment strategy optimisation.

compliance and auditing

By offering a consistent and auditable suite of valuation benchmarks, DA Fixings becomes an invaluable tool for institutions wading through the complexities of financial reporting and auditing.

Its transparent and verifiable data aids in simplifying compliance processes, ensuring institutions adhere to regulatory standards with greater ease and accuracy.

smart contracts

In the evolving world of decentralised finance, smart contracts require timely and accurate data for their effective functioning. DA Fixings serves as an essential tool, facilitating the creation of automated agreements that are both responsive to time-sensitive market changes and highly reliable.

This role is crucial in ensuring that smart contracts maintain their relevance and trustworthiness in the rapidly changing digital finance landscape.

Order Book Replay

Simulate order activity and playback historical market movements to back-test your trading strategies.

Get a comprehensive view of exchange order books to enhance data insight and more effectively oversee trading operations, detect market abuse, and benchmark performance.

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