Digital asset trade data

Unparalleled data quality and accuracy, covering 300+ exchanges and 300,000 currency pairs.

Terabytes of data at your fingertips


Stream highly granular trade data in real-time from leading exchanges through a single, clean and standardised API or websocket connection. From real-time price snapshots to OHLCV metrics, volumes, aggregate values and more.


Comprehensive aggregate and trade-level history for over 1000+ coins and 300,000+ digital asset trading pairs on a daily, hourly and minute-by-minute basis, dating back to 2010.

Standardised Data

CCData standardises its data sets to allow for seamless use across a range of different functions, including strategy backtesting, market sentiment and volatility measurement, research, modelling, portfolio valuation, and more.

Key Features

Instrument Mapping
  • All Exchanges have their own standard symbols for each trading pairs, this makes it challenging to compare cross markets.
  • CCData has standardised mapping for all assets and by extension all trading pairs across all available markets.
Analytics & Derived Metrics
  • All trade endpoints offer real-time calculated analytics which showcase moving 7-day to lifetime aggregated volumes categorised by trade side.
  • Large range of Top list endpoints displaying the top traded digital asset and the most liquid trading venues.
Tick & Candlestick
  • Tick trade data available across 300+ Exchanges covering 300,000+ trading pairs.
  • Aggregated OHLCV data available across all trading pairs on all markets for Minute, Hourly and Daily granularity.
  • Deliverable in JSON or CSV format. Historical CSVs are available for all instruments.
history & delivery
  • Tick level trade history is available for all instruments (length of history varies by exchange).
  • All tick data can be retrieved via REST API endpoints, by hour or specific timestamp, and via direct cloud storage delivery.

Data Delivery Channels

Rest API

All data instruments and underlying data streams are deliverable via the REST API.


Low latency, real-time tick-by-tick data provided through CCData’s Websocket.

Custom delivery

Bespoke custom requests, including AWS S3, Azure Blobs, Google and BigQuery.

Use Cases

Develop Trading Strategies

CCData's innovative architecture focuses on data quality and comprehensive historical coverage, offering traders and analysts the foundation for creating and backtesting trading strategies.

To gain further insights, the trade dataset can be combined with CCData's Order Book data, including Level 2 Updates or Minute Snapshots.

Market event analysis

Digital asset markets are operational 24/7 and are inherently more volatile than their traditional counterparts. This makes accurate market monitoring solutions invaluable.

It is vital that market participants have access to real-time high-quality data to accurately monitor market movements. CCData supports the full historical storage and tick level updates since the inception of instrument trading.

Cross Market Comparison

Standardised data and symbol mapping simplifies volume comparisons across various trading venues.

This feature is beneficial for consumers such as OMS and EMS platforms, as it allows them to accurately identify markets with the highest activity and liquidity, ultimately improving the options available for their clients.

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