CCData and CCRI are proud to unveil the industry-first, institutional-grade digital asset Environmental Social and Governance Benchmark methodology.


Institutional-Grade Digital Asset ESG Methodology

With a combined established legacy in leading digital asset data and ESG analysis, CCData and CCRI have collaborated to create the industry first, institutional-grade Digital Asset ESG Benchmark and data solutions.

Backed by thousands of hours of research, the underlying ESG crypto data and rankings support the development of industry-first ESG indices and other financial products.

CCData and CCRI's unique methodology provides a novel lens through which the industry can discern an asset's ESG exposure and analyse the ESG risks and opportunities inherent in digital assets.

Whilst complete ESG data and rankings are available, constituent data from environmental, social and governance can also be derived.

The benchmark offers a crypto ESG rating for more than 30 of the largest, most liquid set of crypto assets – using both a qualitative and quantitative methodology which assesses a broad range of key metrics across environmental, social and governance parameters.

Unparalleled crypto ESG insights in a dynamic digital asset environment.


Our robust, data-led methodology equips investors with research-backed insights to make the most informed crypto investment decisions. With data and rankings updated on a quarterly basis, we offer the most accurate data to thoroughly assess crypto ESGs.


All asset classes are not created equally. Our data and rankings leverage our expertise in digital assets to offer a unique lens to assess the most important and crypto-relevant environmental, social and governance considerations.


We distinguish ourselves by ensuring equal weighting to all Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects, a crucial factor often overlooked in the industry, fostering more comprehensive and responsible investment decisions.


Combining CCRI's expertise in crypto sustainability data with CCData's market-leading crypto data and index expertise, we collectively offer best-in-class ESG data covering a wide range of underlying metrics, optimised for financial products.

Use Cases

ENSURE transparency amidst regulatory pressures

In an environment of heightened regulatory pressure, CCData and CCRI's ESG solutions provide traditional finance and digital asset exchanges with access to essential transparency measures.

This product aids in addressing the increasing need for comprehensive ESG reporting and sustainable operations.

Expand your analytic capabilities

Our ESG product introduces a novel benchmark for providers seeking to augment their data capabilities. By incorporating our ESG rankings and data, providers can enhance their existing offerings and meet the evolving needs of their client base.

Establish a Robust Framework for Sustainable Investment Decisions

As ESG considerations become increasingly influential in investment decisions, our ESG product provides a critical benchmark. This helps investors diligently identify and assess sustainable investment opportunities, supporting informed decision-making in an ESG-focused landscape.

Order Book Replay

Simulate order activity and playback historical market movements to back-test your trading strategies.

Get a comprehensive view of exchange order books to enhance data insight and more effectively oversee trading operations, detect market abuse, and benchmark performance.

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