Digital Asset Derivatives Data

Standardised real-time and historical futures and options data, covering all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Institutional-grade derivatives data delivered via our market-leading API

Data Streams

CCData supports every tick trade, open interest, single index and funding rate update to provide a highly granular and robust derivatives data set.

All data streams and futures instruments are aggregated to minute, hour and day granularity.

Historical Data

Highly granular historical derivatives data is available across all covered instruments and markets.

Historical data includes tick-level and aggregated OHLCV data to minute, hour and daily granularity, for both calendar and perpetual futures.

Standardised Data

Derivatives data is inherently more complex than spot data.

All our static contract metadata and real-time data streams are standardised to allow for the streamlined comparison of instruments on different exchanges.

Options data

As digital asset products continue to diversify, a major area of growth is options markets as they can offer considerable benefits over perpetual and expiry futures.

CCData's options data captures 98% of market volume, offering traders the ability to speculate and hedge with limited downside.

Key Features

data history & granularity
  • Tick-level trade history is available for all data instruments.
  • Historical OHLCV, open interest, funding rate, and underlying index data are available at the maximum granularity provided by each exchange.
Instruments & Data Streams
  • Four data streams are provided for each futures instrument, including: futures trade data, index data, open interest and funding rate.
  • Additional metrics are also available, including: rolling OHLCV, price flag indicators, instrument start date, and time of last trade.
Delivery Via REST API
  • Streamlined access to all available futures instruments and data granularities via one API.
  • All available at tick level or aggregated daily, hourly, minute history.
  • Deliverable in JSON or CSV format. Historical CSVs are available for all instruments.
Standardised Metadata Fields & Data Format
  • CCData's standardised instrument mapping enables the comparison of futures instruments across different markets.
  • Institutional-grade data ready to go out of the box, pre-processed for market research, backtesting strategy, vendor selection and more.
Volume representation
Historical Data
API Uptime

Data Delivery Channels

Rest API

All derivative data instruments and underlying data streams are deliverable via the REST API.

Custom delivery

Bespoke custom requests, including AWS S3, Azure Blobs, Google and BigQuery.

Use Cases

Market comparison

Interest in digital asset futures has increased exponentially over the last few years, with hedge funds, asset managers and family offices looking to gain increased exposure to digital assets.

CCData's derivatives offering provides users with leading insights into numerous futures markets across the top digital asset exchanges. All data definitions and mapping has been standardised for ease of comparability.

SENTIMEnt analysis

The digital asset markets are operational 24/7 and are inherently more volatile than their traditional counterparts. This makes accurate market monitoring solutions invaluable.

It is vital that market participants have access to real-time high-quality data to accurately monitor market movements. CCData supports the full historical storage and tick level updates since the inception of instrument trading. We have found clients require at least 1 year of historical data to create accurate and tested models.

perpetual futures

The digital asset markets have pioneered a new type of trading instrument; perpetual futures. This new type of derivative has become highly popular among crypto market participants, representing the majority of total futures volumes within the digital asset markets.

Alongside trade, open interest, and volume data, CCData collects and stores funding rate and index tick data to empower clients with the information they need to fully explore these vital ancillary datasets.

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