on-chain data

Leverage key on-chain metrics and trade data from over 100 assets and 10 blockchains, on a block-by-block basis.

API Uptime

Data Delivery Channels

Rest API

All instruments and underlying data streams are deliverable via the REST API.

Custom delivery

Bespoke custom requests, including AWS S3, Azure Blobs, Google and BigQuery.

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On-Chain Data Series I: Ingesting Blockchain Data – The Backbone of On-Chain Intelligence

Welcome to our latest blog series on blockchain data,  shedding light on the complexities involved in managing and utilising blockchain data, from the extraction of raw data to its transformation into actionable insights for diverse applications.

  • February 15, 2024
  • Vlad Cealicu
  • 4 minute read
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Use Cases

Liquidity Pool Analysis

Identify opportunities to supply liquidity to the market and earn yield through liquidity mining or other incentive programs.

Different liquidity pool events, like deposits, withdrawals, and swaps, allow users to gain insights into market dynamics and inform trading strategies. This data set is vital to monitor the health of the market and identify potential risks or vulnerabilities, such as low liquidity or high volatility.

Market event analysis

A dependable and historical Supply dataset is essential for accurately calculating market capitalisation values.

Subscribers developing an index composed of a basket of digital assets can leverage this data to backtest new methodologies. A reliable supply data feed ensures effective asset weighting and market representation during index rebalancing.

Cross-Market Comparison

CCData analyses data directly from multiple blockchain networks to gain insights into the behavior of various users and actors.

This includes examining transaction data to identify user behavior patterns and trends, analyzing miner and validator activity to understand network health, monitoring security vulnerabilities, potential threats and more.

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