CCData’s industry standard setting indices that have been relied on by a diverse range of globally recognised entities, offering transparent, reliable benchmarks that power digital asset financial products.

CCData’s FCA authorisation underpins the reliability and accuracy of our benchmarks that are based on proprietary methodologies.

Methodologies & Policies


Our digital asset index methodologies are the result of extensive research and development, providing cutting-edge solutions that are highly trusted and innovative.


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Benchmark Statements

Benchmark statements intend to define the economic reality measured by the indices and the circumstances in which such measurement may become unreliable. It also highlights instances where CCData may use discretion or expert judgement in the calculations.

Benchmark Statements

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Supplemental Documents

CCData releases supporting documents offering insights and data related to its indices.

Supplemental Documents

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Closed Consultations

CCIX Monthly Annoncements

The CCIX monthly announcements detail the upcoming changes to the constituent markets of CCIX and the list of Benchmark Family pairs regulated by the FCA.

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