CCIX reference pricing

Providing the true market price of traded digital asset pairs for cryptocurrency traders and investors to value their portfolio at any time.

Market-Leading Solutions

Volume weighted average price (VWAP)

By using a volume weighted average price, our methodology ensures CCIX's (formerly CCCAGG) price is market representative and replicable.

24-hour volume weighted

A 24-hour weighted volume gives greater weight to liquid market prices, preventing anomalous pricing from illiquid markets.

time penalised prices

To maintain market accuracy, our proprietary methodology
ensures that exchanges that suspend trading or trade infrequently have an expiring price impact.

anomalous data exclusion

Our methodology excludes trades that deviate significantly from the previous index price. This helps to reduce the impact of unusual trading activity to provide a more reliable basis.

CCIX Use Cases

Prime broker price feed

The dispersion of liquidity across different digital asset exchanges is a unique issue that can create additional challenges whilst ensuring best execution for large digital asset trades.

Utilise our smart order book snapshots to conduct cost analysis, improve trading efficiency, and guide exchanges/brokers on how to improve the trading experience for their clients.


Our rigorous outlier detection and underlying Exchange Benchmark methodology enable CCCAGG to provide a true market representative price.This is crucial for industry professionals including custodians, funds and investors as it ensures that their assets are valued fairly and that their projected returns are precise.

Financial reporting

Between both the most prominent reporting standards, IFRS and US GAAP,  there are clear requirements for a “fair value” of an asset if it were sold at a market representative price. As FCA registered benchmarks, the CCIX (previously CCCAGG) reference rates provide a stable and reliable fair value market price.

Order Book Replay

Simulate order activity and playback historical market movements to back-test your trading strategies.

Get a comprehensive view of exchange order books to enhance data insight and more effectively oversee trading operations, detect market abuse, and benchmark performance.

Key Documents

CCIX (Formerly CCCAGG) Methodology
CCIX (Formerly CCCAGG) Index Validation
Asset Exclusion Report
Benchmark Family Report
CCIX (Formerly CCCAGG) Benchmark Statement
CCIX (Formerly CCCAGG) Close Reference Price

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